Thursday, June 27, 2013

PrincessJoules aka Julie Vu

Bitch your not a princess. And I am done with you, I am not going to waste my time on your fake ass. Your not fooling anyone, no one is JEALOUS, stop saying JEALOUS. I love my life, I was only pointing out how RETARTED you are, saying shit about MACJunkie88 BUT YOU DO the exact same shit stfu, and in your TRANSGENDER101 video, LIKE 6'7 Trans Girl 400 pounds WILL DESTROY A MOTHA PUCKIN Cupa A Bra aka " Smallest Bra" and I do support and wish the best for you but you dumb, saying I must hate myself, don't try to make it out like I am A BAD person. You tattooed trick. Your dead in my book and when people or should I say suscirbers you CALL FANS which your ratchet ass should know the only FAN you fuckin have is above your head. BTW you can't say shit about me, you live with your mom and your older than me. psshhhh LOL you must be a joke. I love myself, but I mean a XIAXUE inspired blog on your ratchet ass is fun. I mean come on you said "Ima attack you" from what? The internet? What I do? call you out on your stupidity and your facts that you need to get right. I don't take hormones and I LOOOK better, and my BODY is better. please don't compare yourself, it is an embarrassment, go clubbing and drink and pop pills. When you going to go do your Boob IMPLANT? lol you wanna call yourself a woman, but aint NO BORN WOMAN take hormones to look passable. Which my sister said "She looks like a dyke unsubscribe" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you can barely accept that you was born a boy, and transitioning into a girl, just watch my video that is linked above all this shit. "umm  I was born a... boy.." LOL your a joke. I can't believe I am transgender and have dumb asses like you that I have to represent. Which is half of why I STOP doing transgender videos. so Stupid fucks can go watch yours and have a warped ass reality. hahahahaha AGAIN this is what this ugly ass piece of shit looks like and what I look like


Me >>> Waii Kukimiya

POP PRETTY     v hhahahaahahahv face :3

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